Do not use e-mail in cases when it is necessary to transfer personal data, commercial information and other protected information!


In the structure of the LGIA, data is issued and executed by the Information and Services Department, which in cooperation with the Legal Department and other LGIA structural units organizes the preparation of draft agreements, data selection and performance of other services, as well as performs accounting. Interesting questions about services and availability of information should be sent to the e-mail service

The procedure for the use of geospatial information shall be determined Cabinet Regulation No. of 30 August 2011 673 "Mandatory Content of the Regulations for the Use of a Geospatial Data Set and the Procedure for Obtaining a Permit for Use".

Pricing is determined by Cabinet Regulation No. of 17 December 2020 756 "Price list of paid services of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency and the procedure for its application".

Depending on the amount of data requested, the type of issuance or the type of service, a contract is concluded.

We offer informative acquaintance with License agreements for the use of geospatial data sets for model forms.

Data transfer can be organized:

  • by recording on electronic data carriers or in the form of printouts, sending by post or receiving the LGIA in person;
  • via an FTP server.