The printing house “Map of Latvia” of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency (until November 1, 1999, the state production association “Map of Latvia”) has been operating in the printing industry since 1946. Initially, the “Map of Latvia” prepared and produced atlases and maps for the entire territory of the Soviet Union.

Since April 17, 1999, the printing house "Map of Latvia" has been a member of the Latvian Association of Printing Companies.

At present, the printing house “Map of Latvia” performs the functions of the manufacturer of topographic equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Latvia and ensures the preparation and execution of cartographic and general printing works of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Latvia, as well as orders from other legal persons and individuals.

Types of printing activity

All these years the main specialization of the printing house is the printing of cartographic materials:

  • orthophoto maps;
  • map M 1:2 000 military variant;
  • topographic map M 1:10 000 military variant;
  • topographic map M 1:25 000 military variant;
  • topographic map M 1:50 000 military variant;
  • satellite maps;
  • nautical charts;
  • topographic map 1:50 000 civilian variant;
  • map atlases for educational institutions;
  • wall maps.

The quality of the cartographic products printed by the printing house “Map of Latvia” is also evidenced by the fact that for several years now the neighboring country Estonia has been printing its topographic maps in our printing house.

Printing house technical equipment

The printing house has the following high-quality equipment:

  • 4-color printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102-4 with a maximum printing area of 70x102 cm;
  • sheet folding machine Stahlfolder KD-94/4 KL (maximum sheet size 940x1320 mm);
  • brochure gluing machine Eurobind 500 (book size: width 120 - 140 mm, height 120 - 320 mm, thickness 2 - 50 mm, cover weight 120 - 300 g/m2, cutter cutting depth - 3 mm);
  • paper roll winding machine (maximum roll diameter 1000 mm, width 1060 mm, roll core diameter 76 mm, sheet length 60 - 124 cm, sheet thickness 60 - 360 g);
  • plate copy development line - Suprasetter 105, Glunz&Jensen Interplater Thermal 85 (maximum shape size 790x1030 mm);
  • printing machine for stapling with metal staples (min. notebook size 150x135 mm and max. notebook size 329x300 mm, with 5 notebook feeds);
  • paper sheet laminating machine ASPIRA (max. sheet size 520x740 mm and max. lamination area 495x730 mm).

The equipment installed in the printing house “Map of Latvia" complies with the European Union standards in operation (CE marks).