Areas of work


Geodesy is a very ancient industry of science and practice. Its origins date back to the era of ancient Egypt. As an industry of science it was and is closely linked to astronomy, physics, geophysics, mathematics, but today it is inconceivable without cosmic studies and links with other sciences. Geodesy can be said to be the foundation of all modern life. We cannot imagine our lives today without living, cultural and recreational buildings, without our workplaces, without traveling. All of this is based on geodesy, both directly and indirectly.


During the Soviet occupation, the cartography industry was under the control of the General Surveying and Cartography Department of the Soviet Council of Ministers and the General Staff War Topography Department. The industry was primarily for military purposes and its secret regime made civilian use difficult. During the Soviet times, Latvia did not have a complete training system for cartography specialists.

Geospatial information services

The LGIA is the manager of the Geospatial basic data information system (hereinafter - ĢPIS) and ensures its maintenance and development.


The Latvian Geospatial Information Agency's printing house “Map of Latvia” (until November 1, 1999, the state production association “Map of Latvia”) has been operating in the printing industry since 1946. Initially, the Map of Latvia prepared and produced atlases and maps for the entire territory of the Soviet Union.

Archive and Fund

The LGIA geospatial information archive started its work on June 1, 2006, taking over the geodetic and cartographic materials from the SLS archive and systematizing them.