51Record Management

9Information and Services Division

11Archive of Geospatial Information and Administrative Documents

8Human Resources and Record Management Division


33Geodesy Department

34Geodetic Data Control Division

35Geodetic Measurements Division

36Remote Sensing Division

37Orthophoto Unit

38Height Models Unit

16Cartography Department

17Large-scale Maps Department

18Western Division

19Southern Division

20Eastern Division

21Northern Division

22Toponimic Laboratory

23Special Geoinformation Department

24Production Development and Technology Production Division

25Military Maps Division

26Topographic Maps Unit

27Thematic Maps Unit

28International Projects Division

29GIS and ICT Division

30Geospatial Information Systems Unit

31Information Communication and Technology Unit

32Spatial Data Administration and Control Unit

10Typography "Latvijas karte"

12Legal Division

13Financial and Planning Division

14Accounting Division

15Menage and Transport Security Division

54Data Protection