Permanent Global Positioning Base Station System "Latvian Positioning System".
The LatPos GNSS base station system consists of 27 base stations of the Republic of Latvia, 5 (five) Republic of Estonia and 4 (four) base stations of the Republic of Lithuania, which operate in continuous mode, store received signal data and distribute corrections to users via mobile internet network. The LatPos system receives signals transmitted by GPS NAVSTAR (funded by the United States), GLONASS (funded by the Russian Federation), Galileo (funded by the European Union) and BeiDOU (funded by China) GNSS systems.
Two types of LatPos GNSS network data are available:
  • Real-time correction - immediately rejected on the user's GNSS receiver;
  • Post-processing data - can be used to calculate exact coordinates with geodetic software.

The GNSS base station enables the user's GNSS receiver to determine coordinates with an accuracy of two centimeters in real time and with an accuracy of five millimeters using the accumulated post-processing data. The coordinates of the base stations are calculated in the valid Latvian geodetic coordinate system and are a part of the State Geodetic Network.
Each station stores the received satellite signal information in hour-long files. In files, the data rate is one second. Files with a recording interval of 1 (one) second are stored for two months. Files with a recording interval of 30 (thirty) seconds are stored independently. Satellite data stored in the LatPos GNSS network for post-processing is available on the LatPos system Spider Business Center (SBC) website in RINEX 3.x format, which is supported by all GNSS system manufacturers.
Before registering, it is necessary to get acquainted with the LatPos terms of use.

To receive LatPos services, it is necessary to register on the LatPos SBC website

To receive information about the provision of LatPos services, it is possible to use e-mail: or by calling the mobile phone number +371 27 833 324, on working days from 8:30 to 17:00.