The LGIA in accordance with the Geospatial Information Law and Regulations of the LGIA performs the following tasks:

  1. in the order of regulatory enactments systematically monitors and coordinates the geodetic reference system;

  2. establishes and maintains the National Geodetic Network Database and the LGIA is the national geodetic network information system curator;

  3. establishes and maintains a permanent global positioning base stations' system "Latvian Positioning System" and is a permanent global positioning system base stations "Latvian positioning system" administrator;

  4. surveys the state border - defines state borderline and state border marks geodetic coordinates and composes the state demarcation maps;

  5. acquires, compiles and updates geospatial information basic data, including:
    - land surface images and Remote Sensins data;
    orthophoto within the scale rows 1:50 000 – 1:2000;
    digital surface and terrain models, which are used to draw up the topographic charts and topographic maps within the scale rows 1:250 000 - 1:10 000;
    - geospatial information, which is included in the topographic charts and topographic maps within the scale rows 1:250 000 - 1:2 000;
    - basic data to provide support to the National Armed Forces to meet the challenges and their participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Ministry of Defence procedures prescribed.

  6. produces and maintains a military surveying and mapping products;

  7. in the order of regulatory enactments, as well as cooperating with the competent institutions in the field of aviation, acquires, compiles and updates information for the aviation needs, including:
    - prepares aeronautical maps for aviation needs;
    - establishes and maintains the database of dangerous objects for flights of aircraft.

  8. establishes and maintains the Place Names Database and the LGIA is the geographical names information system administrator;

  9. performes geodetic work expertise, including geodetic work expertise for aviation needs;

  10. establishes and maintains a geospatial information infrastructure for geodetic, cartographic and geospatial information preparation and maintenance, including establishing and maintaining basic geospatial information systems;

  11. establishes and maintains geodetic and cartographic archives;

  12. performes the poligraphy works;

  13. prepares and presents in the Geospatial Information Law and in the regulations of the LGIA mentioned geospatial information basic data, as well as surveying, mapping and geospatial information services, including:
    - geodetic services, which include geomagnetic, gravimetric, elevation and other geodetic measurements, as well as identifications, arranging and instalation of the geodetic points;
    - preparing , processing and  issuing of the cartographic information using geospatial information basic data;
    - other geodetic, cartographic and geospatial information services according to the LGIA competence.

  14. in compliance with the competence, participates in the national and international projects and organizes them;

  15. carries out research in the field of geodetic, cartographic and toponymy and publishes the materials of the research performed by the agency;

  16. prepares and publishes geographical names and place names directories and dictionaries.