WCS services

From June 2015, we offer users a new way of receiving data - WebS Coverage Service

WCS is a standard protocol for downloading geospatial raster datasets to the Internet generated by a map server using data from a GIS database

The WCS specification is authored by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The latest version of WCS is 2.0.1, released on July 12, 2012

More information about WCS is available in Open Geospatial Consortium web page

WCS is a direct connection to the LGIA database. When downloading, the user can specify the area that requires raster data, as well as change certain properties of the raster image, such as reducing the image resolution, setting the required number of pixels in rows and columns in the raster file to be downloaded.

Data from the server is fed in the following raster formats: GeoTIFF, NITF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG2000 and HDF

WCS services are supported by the latest GIS applications ArcGIS from version 10.2 and QGIS from version v2.4, as well as the latest MapInfo and GeoMedia software