Place names database

Vietvārdu datu bāze

The database of place names maintains information on place names (geographical names or toponyms) and the corresponding geographical objects - both natural and man-made. The working version of the place names database contains 156 thousand names, which refer to 120 thousand geographical objects (data as of July 1, 2017). The information covers the entire territory of Latvia, as well as the border area of neighboring countries.

Available information about the place name and the corresponding geographical features can be useful:

  • proper use of place names
  • to find different geographical objects
  • for the approval of official place names
  • teaching and research work
  • preparation and verification of maps and plans
  • for the preparation of various data sets and reference materials

Coordinate System: Geographical - WGS-84 (EPSG: 4326)

Coordinate notation: DMS
Web site : Vietvārdu datubāze


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