Official place names for natural objects

In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 50 "Place Names Information Regulations", LGIA, starting from January 10, 2012, which is important for the assignment of place names and regional parallel names to a natural object, as well as for the State Language Centers. Official place names ensure unambiguous identification of natural objects. Many Latvian natural objects have up to 10 and even more different names and variants of names, therefore it is necessary to approve one to two specific names for use in official communication, regulatory enactments, documents, public information, etc. Assigning official place names often eliminates linguistic inaccuracies in the spelling of place names. The purpose of official parallel names is to preserve culturally and historically valuable place names, as well as to ensure better recognition of objects.

The Toponymy Laboratory of the Cartography Department has prepared an informative booklet on the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 50 "Place Names Information Regulations".

The booklet provides a concise overview of the "Place Names Information Regulations". The criteria of the official place name and parallel name, the procedure of assignment and use are explained. Information on the most important sources of information on state place names, as well as responsible institutions in the field of place names is provided.

LGIA decisions on the allocation of official place names

Recent findings of the State Language Center

Explanation of the most important terms in the opinions of the State Language Center