Map of the Latvian - Belarusian border M 1:10 000

  • drawn up in the period from 2006 to 2008
  •  the map shows the boundary line, boundary markers and elements of the terrain situation (in an area 1 km wide on both sides of the border line), which are depicted according to the classifier compiled on the map
  • The card consists of 40 map pages
  •  data available to SHP; DXF: AI and EPS formats
  •  the map was made using 2006 aerial photography materials
  •  it is in a right-angled transverse cylindrical Gaussian-Krieger projection
  •  Krasovsky ellipsoid
  •  in all pages of the map rectangular coordinate (kilometer) networks with attached numerical values in two coordinate systems - 1942 coordinate system and LKS – 92 (Latvian coordinate system)
  • the network lines of each system are drawn every 10 cm (1 km in the area)