Information about the local geodetic network

Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 497 "Rules of the local geodetic network" defines the procedure for the installation, maintenance and provision of information of local geodetic network points.

As of November 2014, in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 497 "Local Geodetic Network Rules" launched the Advanced Local Geodetic Network Database (VTDB).

Authorized access to the VTDB is restricted to municipally designated users of the Local Geodetic Network Database. To cancel or receive new VTDB user properties for access to the database, the municipality must send the LGIA filled-in request form "User Grant / Withdrawal Form" or "User First Application Form" available when connecting to the Local Geodetic Network Database.

Frequently asked questions about the local geodetic network 

In accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 497 "Local Geodetic Network Rules" the local authority shall ensure the maintenance of the local geodetic network in its territory and shall designate the person responsible for the local geodetic network.

Given the competence of the Geospatial Information Law to coordinate and oversee the establishment and maintenance of the geodetic reference system to facilitate operational resolution and coordination of issues relating to the local geodetic network, the LGIA publishes information on local authority delegates responsible for local geodetic network maintenance.

If the person responsible for the local geodetic network changes in a municipality, please send the current information to the LGIA at

Analysis of the 2017 Survey of Local Geodetic Network Employees