Local Geodetic Network Database

The purpose of the Local Geodetic Network Database (VTDB) is to collect, store and maintain up-to-date information about the local geodetic network. It ensures that up-to-date geodetic information is available to those who need it, and that data is entered and updated by those who are entitled to it.

The database stores both textual and graphical information about the points of the local geodetic network. The user can print point cards and export data to MS Excel. This, in turn, provides an opportunity for further processing of data and their use for various tasks.

The VTDB user manual provides information necessary for understanding the database functions and their correct use, as well as provides methodological instructions for working with VTDB.

To connect to the database you need:

  • connect to the Local Geodetic Network Database authorization environment;
  • connect to the Local Geodetic Network database.

Connect to the database